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We publish some of the videos from past shows and performances.

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Events calendar

Spring/Winter 2022

Come join us in events all over the world!

More dates coming very soon, stay tuned…

DJ Set

May 12-14th
Ascoli Piceno, Italy

Arcobaleno Tango Marathon

Friday night DJ: Duddie


April 6th-10th
Basel, Switzerland

The oldest festival in the world outside BsAs

A magnificent tango event with the best artists in the global scene. OsterTango Basel is the place to be during Easter. Classes live music and DJ sets from morning to late night. It is the easter Tango Paradise for Tango addicted!

DJ Set

March 31st-April 2nd

Can you keep a secret?


March 5th
Augsburg, Germany

Welcome to the opening milonga of Uno

Workshop & DJ Set

February 9th
Vienna, Austria

Workshop and DJ set in Vienna, Tangobar.

Workshop, DJ Set & Show!

January 7th
Fürth, Germany

19.15 – 20.45 Workshop on Boleos:

We will open Pandora’s box of creativity using the free leg. Many options will be explored. The participants will practice with some technique exercises and dynamic to improve the aesthetics, and the efficiency. Multiple boleos will be explained and shown in order to give to each participant the opportunity to use these new tools to immediately enrich their dance.

21.00 – 1.00 Milonga with DJ Duddie & Show

Seminars, DJ set & Show!

December 3-4th
Erfurt, Germany

This December, we return to Erfurt for a weekend full of seminars, workshops, show and DJ set!


Playing with Musicality. Learning while playing, playing while learning, explore with us the “Tangology” card game that we developed and be aware of all the different ways we can dance tango. Bring emotions, dynamics into your dance and play with your partner and the music for endless possibilities!

SATURDAY Milonga & Show

SUNDAY Workshop

Change of dynamics. From slow to fast, legato to staccato, linear to circular, let’s explore what the music suggests and how to switch quickly from one extreme to the other.

SUNDAY Milonga with DJ Duddie


November 4-7th
Munich, Germany

We will perform in the Connexión Tango Festival Munich.

Friday, with Live performance from Hyperion ensemble and Sunday with all the maestros.

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Past events

Some of the events we participated in. From January 2022 onwards…

Shows, in Munich, Berlin, Vienna, Singapore… DJ Sets, workshops and seminars and much more