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Event calendar

Come join us in events all over the world!

More dates coming very soon, stay tuned…

DJ Set

July 12th-14th
Bern, Switzerland

Dancing in Bern with the summer, the river, and the best vibes!

WOrkshops & Show

June 22nd-23rd
Ravensburg, Germany

Once again in the lovely Ravensburg, with a full weekend of workshops, with an accent on Tango Nuevo and super dynamics

  • Saturday:
  • Elastic Embrace
  • Superhero moves
  • Sunday:
  • Individual Technique
  • Tangology

Saturday night, we’ll be excited for the show!

Workshops, show & DJ Set

June 7th-9th
Poitiers, France

Going to Salomé’s home town for a very special and intense weekend of learning, studying, improving, enjoying, connecting, reconnecting, reuniting and sharing…


May 26
Budapest, Hungary

Extremely thrilled to experience Budapest in a new way. For the first time: we are performing in a beautiful milonga with a wonderful host and an. amazing DJ!

DJ Set

May 18th
Zürich, Switzerland

In one of the most beautiful locations, let’s meet and dance to the music selection of DJ Duddie in the Milonga Imperial in Zürich!


May 1st
Augsburg, Germany

So close to home, we are doing a show! We’re looking forward to perform again for students, friends and followers in Milonga UNO!

Workshops & Show

April 30th
Karlsruhe, Germany

Full programme to dance into the month of May:

  • Workshop I: Free leg – Riding the water serpent – Embellishments for leaders and followers
  • Workshop II: Circular dynamics in Vals

+ Milonga with Live Music from La Santa Calavera and a show!

Join us for this super party with Siempre Tango in Karlsruhe!

DJ Set

April 5th-8th

Can you keep a secret?

DJ Sets

March 28th-April 1st
Basel, Switzerland

Like every year, Easter means Basel OsterTango. Shows, festival and marathon at the same time. DJ Duddie playing several sets. Schedule below

DJ Set

March 1st-3rd
Colmar, France

Once again, we are in the beautiful French city of Colmar for the 3rd International Tango Marathon. We’re looking forward!

Workshops, seminar, show, DJ Set

February 18th-19th
St Gallen, Switzerland

Second edition of a weekend full of workshops, show and DJ set in St Gallen!

The workshop programme:

  • Saturday 17th, 14.30-16.30: Tango Nuevo: Sacadas & Ganchos for Leaders and Followers
  • Sunday 18th, 13.00-15.00: Spirals and circular dynamics
  • Sunday 18th, 15.30-17.30: Tangology: contrast and change of dynamics

Milonga Friday and Saturday evening!


February 11th
Prague, Czech republic

On Sunday night, we perform in the Prague Tango marathon!

Picture credit: Вероника Корчак

DJ Set

January 26th-28th
Karlsruhe, Germany

We will be at the Noches de Ronda Encuentro and Marathon in Karlsruhe, join us!

DJ Set, Workshop & show

January 5th-8th
Athens, Greece

Starting the year strong with the Sueños de Invierno Tango Marathon with DJ Duddie, and on the 8th a show with more information soon… Stay tuned!

Workshop & DJ Set

December 23rd
Munich, Germany

Just before Christmas time, Duddie will give a musicality workshop and DJ in one of our favourite milonga of the town: Milonga Poema.

Workshop: 18h45-21h00

Milonga: 21h00-1h30

DJ Set, Workshops & SHow!

November 17th-19th
St. Gallen, Switzerland

Munich goes St. Gallen! Weekend full of tango ahead:

Friday, milonga with DJ Federico

Saturday, milonga with DJ Duddie and a show!

Sunday, workshops on Boleos and Sacadas and turns!

WorkshopS, DJ Set & Show!

October 14-15th
Frankfurt, Germany

For our first visit in Frankfurt, we will give 2 workshops, a show and a DJ set. Exciting weekend ahead, let’s meet there!

DJ Set & Show

September 30th-October 3rd
Berlin, Germany

Berlin Tango Vibe

On Friday night, DJ Duddie will DJ in Nou Mitte, and join us all for the show on Sunday October 1st in the Institut Français, with some extra French Tango vibes!

DJ Set, Workshops & Show!

August 18-19th
Ravensburg, Germany

Join us for this very special weekend in Ravensburg, with the fantastic Orquesta Tipica Andariega, DJ’s music selection, our show on Friday evening, and workshops on Saturday:

  • Follower technique
  • Embrace: a fine art
  • Turns in Vals

seminar & show

July 31st – August 1st
Zürich, Switzerland

What do Duddie and Switzerland have in common? They share a birthday!

Come celebrate with us and La Revolucion this special occasion in Zürich with a Milonga with Show on Monday 31st of July, and a very special seminar on Monday afternoon on Tangology, the first card and role game for Tango dancers! 


July 21st
Istanbul, Turkey

Impromptu show during our holidays in Turkey.

Location: Milonga 333, IstanbulTango

Workshop & DJ Set

July 1st-2nd
Freiburg, Germany

This summer we dance in Freiburg!

Saturday night: DJ Duddie

We also give a very special workshop on Sunday. Click below to contact Erika Bierbrauer to find out more


Summer 2023
Munich, Germany

This Summer, we offer very intensive weekends to learn, improve and have fun!

Click on the link below for all the information.

Workshop, DJ Set

June 1st
Vienna, Austria

19h-21h: Boleos Workshop

This intense workshop offers a complete exploration of the topic.

How both bodies interact, how cause and effect compenetrate each other. Both leaders and followers will be led through a technique session in the first part of the experience where they will improve the aesthetics and the efficiency of the movement, then they will be ready to lead and follow all the boleos offered in the second part of the experience. Various linear and circular boleos will be presented.

Recommended for advanced dancers, all levels allowed.

From 21h: Milonga with DJ Duddie

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Past events

Some of the events we participated in. From January 2022 onwards…

Shows, in Munich, Berlin, Vienna, Singapore… DJ Sets, workshops and seminars and much more